Treatments in the rain

Customers ask us this time of year about rescheduling their outside treatments when it rains. And rightfully so, they want and deserve a high quality treatment; I understand fully. The manufacturers of the materials we use research well the affects of weather on their products. And they design them so that they can withstand those affects. If you think about it, if they didn’t, each time it rained, we would have to retreat your home. The materials we use are insoluble and as they are applied they settle into the cracks and crevices on the surfaces we treat. On a micron level, most surfaces look like hills and valleys which helps the materials we use stick to the surfaces of foundations, walls, etc. In general, as long as it’s not a windy and driving rain continuously wetting a surface, the materials we use will adhere properly and remain so during the following 90 days. However, in the event that pests do reappear within that time, we will schedule a followup visit to address the situation under our standard 90-day guarantee.