Serving others to make a difference

The Tolles St Mission in Nashua has served the community for decades since their founding in 1988 by the incredible Rev. Peggy Smith. One of the services they offer is a food pantry. Food that is donated is carefully inspected and sorted and then given out to the community 4 days a week. Spoiled food is set aside. It is then picked up during the week for yet another purpose. Nothing goes to waste here.

Until now, the food sat outside. This presented a risk for flies and roaches among other pests to move in. So, we donated a durable can with a lid. The food waiting for pick up can now be covered. This will help greatly deter pests. Chevan and the people of the mission work so very hard to serve the community, we are grateful that we could do something to make it a little easier for them. It’s truly an inspiration to watch them operate.

We at Garfield Pest Control don’t just want to make a living, we want to make a difference. If we all keep doing a little, consistently, we can change the world in a big way.