Pesky wasps are still hanging around

This time of year, wasps if they’ve gone unnoticed, will certainly garner attention if discovered. At this point, the nest has grown for 2-4 months and will harbor up to several hundred wasps or more. They will be producing mating pairs of new queens by now and the nest population may seem like it’s exploding. Several times in the last week, I’ve heard general reflections that they “came out of no where” or “I couldn’t believe the number of them”. These nests could be in an eave, a bush, or underground, or even in a wall cavity where they are entering from under the siding of the building. A lot of people will try to spray these nests on their own with good intentions. But most don’t realize that the nest contains many larvae and eggs that have yet to hatch and the spray they use most often will not fully address the situation. Although the active wasps will be killed, the larvae and eggs will still hatch days later to continue nest building. The queen is deep in the nest laying eggs, so if the spray doesn’t penetrate fully, she’ll keep laying eggs and growing the nest as well. These nests can take some skill and ingenuity to treat correctly. Done wrong, people and pets can get a nasty sting or two, or more! We respect the DIY approach. But if it’s not something you don’t want to take on, or what you’ve done so far is not working to your satisfaction, we can help. Call us at 603-424-7834 for a free consultation.