Is that a sea sponge? Nope, spray foam and bugs.

Is that a sea sponge?!
Nope. It’s blown-in insulation that carpenter ants have made a home in. Spray foam insulation can provide a huge energy savings, but it can also provide an optimum environment for carpenter ants and other bugs.
Spray foam insulation is a very popular product and for good reason. It’s an excellent insulator and seals out drafts very well. It can make a home so much more energy efficient and comfortable, it’s worth the investment. Unfortunately, it’s also a very good material for pests like carpenter ants to carve out a nest in. If you’re thinking of installing spray foam insulation, there is a pest treatment to consider that will treat the wood that will be absorbed into the wood and last many years. It would have stopped this destruction before it got this bad. A regular pest management program can pay for itself in the long run as well. Call us for more details if you’re interested in learning more.