Happy Easter

Strange times we face. Although these times test our character and will, I trust in God and the American spirit that we all will make it through. And we’ll be stronger, more unified, and clearly focused on what matters in life.

Many people have come forward to help each other and shown us what we can do as a nation, together. We have had time to reflect on life recently, recognizing who is important in our lives, and what we spend our time on. We have been blessed by the many people in our lives, friends, associates, and customers – many of which have become good friends. Thank you for your support. As a small business, it is our customers that keep us going, doing what we do, chasing our passion, to serve.

May you all have a wonderful and peaceful Easter. We hope you take some time this season of Passover to be still and take in all the wonders around us. He came to show us love, and came back to give us hope. Happy Easter everyone.