Great deal on used appliance with FREE roaches!

Your stove just broke and you found one that’s used and in great shape. It’s got more functions than your dead stove, and it’s modern and great looking. Many people take advantage of the used market and for good reason. Buying used can save hundreds of dollars! BUT, we all need to stay mindful. We don’t know the experience these appliances have had, and the environment they’ve lived in. You could open that new used stove to cook the first pizza, and see roaches! And I have seen this. The secondary market for items and appliances is big, and will continue to be big. There are great deals to be had. We just need to stay vigilant when bringing used items home. When you get an item or appliance home, take the time to thoroughly inspect it and clean it before you bring it inside or use it for the first time. Roaches and bedbugs can live inside appliances very easily. They like tight places where they can hide.