Chilling temps bring in the mice

Mice enter holes and gaps

You wouldn’t know the past week or so that this summer was the 4th hottest recorded in New Hampshire in it’s history. August was a cooker! Leaves in some places have already started falling. And so, it brings on the fall season. Although Covid has changed a lot of what we do, and the normal fall activities will be different or furloughed until next year, the mice will be at work as usual. Mice will seek warmth and shelter in preparation for the cold winter coming. This is a good time to get out there and trim back any vegetation close to the house and bring a pencil. Not to take notes, but to check holes and gaps. If a pencil can get through it, a mouse can too. Once inside, they can nest and cause damage to wiring and plumbing. Look for penetrations around the exterior wall like plumbing and electrical lines. Examine the garage doors especially at the corners and around the trim. A lot of times, these areas are easy access or compromised by mice to gain entry. And they don’t pay rent! So, out they should go. House corners and under doorways, around windows, under siding, mice can take advantage of the smallest places and get in. Plug these up so they can’t and you’ll have a pleasant winter without the extra company.