Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! We hope this finds you all doing well. This year has put us all through the ringer, some more than others. We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us for your pest control needs. We are a small business, and with your support, we are still moving forward. Even with the pandemic in… Read more »

Chilling temps bring in the mice

Mice enter holes and gaps

You wouldn’t know the past week or so that this summer was the 4th hottest recorded in New Hampshire in it’s history. August was a cooker! Leaves in some places have already started falling. And so, it brings on the fall season. Although Covid has changed a lot of what we do, and the normal… Read more »

Bald-faced WHAT!?

Bald-faced hornets are those large white and black wasps you see this time of year now that their nests are getting pretty big. At this point, their nests are probably about the size of a basketball or larger and house anywhere between 50-150 wasps. https://www.pestworld.org/pest-guide/stinging-insects/bald-faced-hornets/ They’re not hornets, but get that name because of their… Read more »

Values and ethics

There’s been a lot of activity in the pest control industry this year and with it a lot of new businesses. These businesses, like all businesses, work to grow and expand. Some will go door to door, knocking and asking for your business. Of course, they will try to undercut prices to add to their… Read more »

Summer Swing

Well, summer is in full swing now and we are all adjusting to COVID-19. It’s been an unprecedented year so far. As summer weather rolls around, the bugs and rodents, who have no clue what COVID-19 is, are out in fullforce. The slow and cold spring we had held off the wasps until it seemed… Read more »

Here come the bees. Carpenter bees that is.

Carpenter bees look very close to bumble bees, but they have a lot more black color than you would expect to see. They are solitary and don’t nest like a wasp. However, they can set up individual nests in the same area. When a carpenter bee finds a place it likes ( bare wood ),… Read more »

Insects and COVID-19

It’s been a long haul. Social distancing, hygiene practices, home schooling, and working from home, it’s been a transforming time. So much information has been coming from so many places, it can make your head spin. Good news is we’re learning more details that are helpful to understand what we’re up against, and how we… Read more »

Happy Easter

Strange times we face. Although these times test our character and will, I trust in God and the American spirit that we all will make it through. And we’ll be stronger, more unified, and clearly focused on what matters in life. Many people have come forward to help each other and shown us what we… Read more »


Garfield Pest Control will be open for business as usual. But know that we are sensitive to your needs at this unusual time. We have taken certain measures within our business, and will extend special actions to your specific situation to reassure you that we deliver a safe and effective service. Most services can be… Read more »