Wasps get noticed

Some wasp nests that set up high or out of the place can go weeks or months without someone noticing them, even on their house. This customer had one such nest. He didn’t notice it until he was clearing out his gutters. Keep this in mind if you are working on the house or in… Read more »

Is that a sea sponge? Nope, spray foam and bugs.

Is that a sea sponge?! Nope. It’s blown-in insulation that carpenter ants have made a home in. Spray foam insulation can provide a huge energy savings, but it can also provide an optimum environment for carpenter ants and other bugs. Spray foam insulation is a very popular product and for good reason. It’s an excellent… Read more »

Serving others to make a difference

The Tolles St Mission in Nashua has served the community for decades since their founding in 1988 by the incredible Rev. Peggy Smith. One of the services they offer is a food pantry. Food that is donated is carefully inspected and sorted and then given out to the community 4 days a week. Spoiled food… Read more »

Independence Day

We are lucky to live in a country where we can pursue our dreams, our desires, our passions. This is a time to celebrate all the aspects of our democracy, this little “experiment”, which gives us these freedoms. Parades across America will display all the wonderful aspects of this great country. Those great community organizations… Read more »

Deliveries with extra surprises

A gentleman brought me a couple of bugs to identify recently. He had ordered a car part and when he received it and opened the box, he realized he received more than just the part he ordered. Along with his part, a small collection of roaches had hooked a ride. This brings about a good… Read more »

Treatments in the rain

Customers ask us this time of year about rescheduling their outside treatments when it rains. And rightfully so, they want and deserve a high quality treatment; I understand fully. The manufacturers of the materials we use research well the affects of weather on their products. And they design them so that they can withstand those… Read more »

Observing Memorial Day

This weekend, we take honor in celebrating Memorial Day. Originally called Decoration Day, after the Civil War which claimed more troops’ lives than any other conflict, this day was observed to honor those that had fallen in service. Traditionally, over this weekend, Americans spend time at cemeteries or other venues recognizing those that have died… Read more »

Spring has come!!! What a wonderful time of year.

It seems like months since we could enjoy the warmth of the sun on our faces. I hope you’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the spots of sun and warmth we’ve had so far. It seems like months since we could enjoy the warmth of the sun on our faces. I hope you’ve… Read more »

Roaches, spiders and mice, oh my!

Winter is a season when pest problems change. The cold weather outside ends the seasons of many outdoor pests and with that many believe the problems are gone. However, it just changes things a bit. Structure threatening pests like carpenter ants and termites can continue doing damage throughout the winter in the warm parts of… Read more »

Holiday Travel and Bed Bugs

Millions of people will be traveling this holiday season, and many of those travelers will be college students coming home. So, it would be good to consider the risk of bed bugs and their traveling habits. Bed bugs love college too; many people coming and going, passersby, and sleep overs. So many opportunities, it’s a… Read more »