A second opinion?

I visited a new customer the other day who was looking for a second opinion. She had been visited by another pest control company to inspect an area of the home they had treated for an insect several years ago. It was their determination that the treatment needed to be done again. She was concerned because it was going to be costly, so she called us for a second set of eyes. I inspected the area, and identified the treatment that was done. After I educated her on the insect, it’s life cycle, and what to expect from the treatment that was performed, I confidently reassured her another duplicate treatment was not necessary. I could have made the same recommendation and presented a cost a little lower than the other outfit, but that’s not the way we operate. This treatment wasn’t necessary.

When I was in the crawlspace, I noticed that the vapor barrier on the earthen floor was not fully sealing in the moisture, so I noted that to her and gave her some resources to learn more about resolving that issue. Excess moisture in a crawl space can attract damaging insects. I also noted three small plumbing leaks that were leaking into the crawl space, so I let her know that too. These things could and would get bigger over time and create a large problem. I was there, so why not note something that would be a concern to the home owner. If it was my house, I would want to know. Pest control is more than killing bugs to make a buck. We want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Not everyone is able to (or desires to) crawl into their crawl spaces to inspect them for issues. We are happy to perform this valued service, and report any findings of insect or rodent issues or any other issues that may lead to larger problems later.

Leaking pipes contribute dangerous moisture to a crawlspace